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As Chiang Mai being a large-sized province, its hotels are located in a wide range of several districts.
If you are looking for a fine hotel, you may click to search or sort it by location, quality or star,
price and hotel name as per the table below.
Of Chiang Mai hotels in Town, prices start from 700 Baht up to 10,000 Bht.
Hotels in town are a good choice for a traveling hub of other destinations.
In Chiangmai town, it is much easier if you would hire a car or take a mini-bus to Doi Suthep,
Chiangmai Zoo, Night Safari or Chiangmai Airport.
Chiang mai hotels in Hangdong, prices are between 1200 up to 20,000 Bht.
You would like to avoid a chaos in town, shopping handicraft in Baan Tawai,
and taking less than 20 mins to the airport; Hangdong is a perfect choice.
Jomthong is a farther south part of Hangdong. Tourists love to explore wildlife in Doi Inthanon,
the highest mountain of Thailand. Trekking and bird watching at Doi Inthanon are the best activities,
second to none in this world.
There are a few resorts located at the foothill, with less than 2000 Bht a night.
bitcoins in Chiang rai
Finding the ideal Chiang Mai hotel: Location, quality, and price Exploring Chiang Mai: Hotels in town and beyond Exploring Chiang Mai: Hotels in town and beyond Finding the ideal Chiang Mai hotel: Location, quality, and price Hangdong district: A peaceful escape from the chaos of town 104671_
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